Vaping: A New upgraded Concept of Smoking

E-cigarettes were created just a decade ago. To this day, it has evolved a lot, and many people around the world are enjoying the trend. However, if you are not aware of vaping, choosing an appropriate device and understanding the other terminologies can be a bit different. The world of vaping is huge and thus, exploring it can be overwhelming. General paper cigarettes are filled with tobacco, but in the case of e-cigarettes, you need to have e-liquids. It is one of the most important parts of the vaping world. It is the e-liquid that you vape. E-liquid is the fluid through which the nicotine is delivered to the vaper. E-liquid is heated inside a chamber to produce water-based vapour. This vapour is actually inhaled and exhaled.

Does e-liquid contain nicotine?

This depends on the kind of eliquid you are using. There are varieties available with a different flavor, and nicotine strengths. Therefore, the vaper must be chosen based on personal choice. The liquid is contained in a bottle or cartridge where these cartridges are used in closed system e-cigarette devices. The cartridges can be simply screwed into the closed system of e-cigarette. There are two types of e-cigarettes. One is a closed system, and the other is an open system. The open system supports e-liquid that comes in a bottle. In this system, cartridges cannot be used. In open system e-cigarette, the e-liquid needs to be dripped in the clearomiser before vaping. Now, a big question appears, whether or not, e-liquid is dangerous.

Keep in mind, that e-liquid should not be consumed or swallowed directly. Moreover, it can harm aquatic life. When it comes to e-liquid, make sure not to make contact with the skin directly. Maintaining the guidelines and safety rules are important to stay on the safe side of e-cigarettes. The composition of e-liquid is amazingly simple. It is made of vegetable glycerin (VG), flavors, propylene glycol (PG) and nicotine. Different flavors are blended in the mixture to provide desired taste. When you see an e-liquid labeled with 60% VG, it means 70 percent of the blend consists of vegetable glycerin and the rest 40 percent is propylene glycol. VG is a bit thicker and sweeter when compared with PG. It produces a luscious cloud of vapor. On the contrary, PG is thinner and does not have any taste.

Important considerations before vaping

Among all the ingredients present in e-liquid, tobacco is the only toxic part. Therefore, you must look to minimize the dosage as much as possible. Under the safety codes and standards of e-liquid, there are certain messages and warnings to consider. Consider going through these points carefully before coming into the vaping world. Keep e-cigarettes and e-liquids away from children. The products come in child-proof bottles and thus, let it be in the safe storage. While refilling cartridges make sure that the liquids don’t spill. Seek medical attention whenever you feel unwell. It is better to store the entire kit of e-cigarette in a cool, dark place.

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