Jeep Jamboree participants encouraged to bring ample sunscreen

This past weekend I took part in a Jeep Jamboree. The Jeep Jamboree is a fun and exciting activity for Jeep drivers of all ages and abilities. We made it out to the Pacific Ocean on our way to a charity event. My friend Scott, who is in his mid-thirties, was driving along in his Jeep enjoying the Jamboree and when we got near the ocean we noticed a huge flock of dolphins playing with their young and some fishermen hanging out. My husband Jack and I decided to stop for lunch and enjoy the amazing views along the way.

Most participants encouraged to bring SPF30 sunscreen because it can be very hot during the Jeep Jamboree. On our way back to the beach we saw a fisherman who had lost his fishing pole. We helped him find it and while we were talking a fisherman from out of town came over and asked us where the fishing hole was.

Some participants encouraged to bring extra water and snacks because it gets very hot at the Jeep Jamboree. It was about eighty degrees out so we had to take our shirts off and wrap a blanket around us. I was in my bikini, but my husband kept the shirt on. We made it to the fishing hole before sunset so we could use the portable lights. The Jeep Jamboree volunteers were very helpful, letting us use their portable restroom and even bought us lunch!

On our way back from the jamboree participants suggested that we take a hike to the “Jacks” mountain. We did so and it was so nice and warm up there. We even saw some ATV enthusiasts riding their quad bikes out there. It was awesome!

We headed back to the event site just before dark and there was still quite a few campers there so we started grilling. I had a blast cooking with all the different grills that were on display. When it was time for bed, we packed up our stuff and headed back to our tent. Everyone was very quiet as we made our way back to our vehicles.

Everyone was very happy with our Jeep Jamboree experience. Everyone had a great time and returned home with lots of great memories. We made new friends and plan on going back next year. It was a great experience for all of us. Next time you go to an event like this, please remember to bring a camper and be safe out there.

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