How the Clothing You Wear Gives You an Identity

The clothes we wear give us our identity and send a message. Although numerous new and trending fashions are available, it is essential to consider what you wear. Think about the apparel and what it says about you before splashing your hard-earned money to buy the items. Due to the growing influence from celebrities and the media on what to wear, it would be best to determine what is ideal for you.

Being Stylish goes beyond the Clothes

Every person is unique and has something that makes them distinct. If you want to exude style, it is critical to think beyond the clothes you wear.  The way you view yourself will largely determine the apparel. You can find various items at the Pittsburgh clothing company to help build your identity. Therefore, you will make the ideal choice if you understand yourself and what you want to portray with your clothing choice.

The way you wear apparel matters when you want to be stylish. You do not want to wear clashing colors because it can make you look ridiculous. Researchers found out that you can identify what a person loves about themselves by looking at how they dress. Some individuals may choose to expose certain parts of their body that they like. Also, when individuals hate particular things about their physical appearance, they will probably wear clothes to hide them.

The clothes you wear will ensure you are confident about yourself. So, ensure you wear what you feel good in. it does not mean you need to adapt to trending or fashionable in the industry. But, whatever you put on will offer an impression about you. It mirrors how you perceive and feel about yourself. Some may argue that you cannot know a person by how they dress. On the contrary, studies show that the type of clothes you wear can portray your identity.

Examples of Fashion Identities

Fashion can tell who you are or who you want to be. It includes the practices you have to groom and enhance your physic. Below are examples of fashion identities you can find;

The Self Expressing

It entails wearing clothes to make a particular statement. When people change how they perceive themselves, they will probably change their fashion. It is familiar with teenagers when they grow up. They will want to appear more mature and discard the apparel they consider childish.

Social Identity

Society may dictate what is ideal for a person depending on their race, ethnicity, religion, or location. In turn, it will influence the clothes to wear if you want to portray a particular social status. Culture still plays a significant role in fashion and social identity. However, with the multicultural society we live in, it is common to find a situation where a person’s identity overlaps. You will find individuals expressing their identities through the clothes they wear. Mainly, it revolves around a person’s self-awareness.


You can establish yourself in society by how you dress. Ensure you understand yourself as it will influence the choice of apparel to wear every day.

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