Five Basic Make Up Essentials You Must Own

Make up is a lot of fun; but if you are a newbie, it is very easy to get lost in the world of makeup. When I visit a MAC, Sephora or Clinique showroom near me, it is always pleasurable to the eyes it is very easy to get overwhelmed with all the make-up that is out there. What colour foundation do I need? Should I go to the Clinique showroom near me or the Bobby Brown one at Select Citywalk mall? Who has better make up – MAC or Sephora? Do I need a moisturizer? Is contouring still in? There are so many questions that cross your mind at the thought of make-up, that you may overthink it. Whether you’re a professional or makeup expert, there are a few indispensable products that need to be a part of everyone’s make up kit.

These few basic products will help create some effortless everyday looks and at least get you acquainted to the world of make-up. Some essential make-up products are:


The ‘moisturizer’ is arguably the sole product that is responsible for the rest of the make-up. It acts as the ideal base and sets the foundation for your face and neck. Apart from hydrating your skin, it is a critical step to ensure the flawless look. While people believe that oily skin types do not require moisturizers, this is a false notion. A good moisturizer helps control oil production and is mandatory for all skin types.


Another essential and most basic item that needs to make it to your make up kit’s top five items is the concealer. This is what you need, to cover any kind of pigmentation or discolouration, dark circles, acne or spots and is one of the most basic steps to give your skin an even coloured tone.  Without concealer the rest of the make-up does not apply as well and you will lack that glamorous look. The main purpose of a concealer is to offset the discolouration and neutralise it. You can get a full-coverage concealer or a sheer-coverage type, based on your skin’s needs.


Blush on or rouge as it was known back in the day, can do wonders to your face if applied well; yet it is the most underrated makeup item. A blush-on can make or break the look – too much can look loud and trashy and too little may not be good enough. Too much of it makes your face look jarring which is why many women are apprehensive to use this, but once you perfect it, there is no looking back. Rosy cheeks bring out a vibrant and lively vibe, without which you could look rather pale.


No makeup essential list is complete without a great quality mascara (not the one that becomes lumpy and glues your eyelashes together). The mascara brush literally does magic to your eye makeup. It gives life to your eyelashes by instantly elongating them and giving them definition and more volume. When you choose a mascara take into account the shape of the brush and what the mascara does – volumizing, darkening etc and then decide which one to go for.


Last but not the least, a nice lipstick can add that oomph factor to your face. Be it a nude shade or a bright red one, a lipstick is meant to prevent your face from looking washed out. Don’t worry about the effect it has on your lips as these days, lipsticks are nourishing with ingredients rich in vitamin E. They hydrate your lips making them supple and soft. If you are feeling lazy you can apply some liquid lipstick as an eyeshadow (not always but when there is no other option)

So what are you waiting for, search for ‘MAC/Sephora/ Clinique showroom near me’ on Google and head right over to get a hand on these essentials.

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