Our hands are used for almost everything. If you occasionally love to get a manicure done, you understand the feeling of looking at a fresh set of nails. Freshly and beautifully done nails have the power to make you feel beautiful. When you feel you have beautiful hands, it can definitely boost your confidence. Getting a manicure is the best way to pamper yourself. For the manicure to produce the gorgeous look you see on social media, you need to head to a professional nail salon. have established their reputation by offering outstanding nail services. If you have been thinking about getting a manicure, the following are some of the choices you could consider.

Classic Manicure

As the name suggests it is the classic choice. In this manicure, the nails are cleaned, shaped and painted as per your preference. During the manicure, a simple hand massage helps to stimulate the flow of blood. This works to improve the health of the skin around the nails. A classic manicure is an ideal choice for those who don’t mind changing their nail pint often. It is also a great choice when looking to quickly clean up and soften the dull hands. In the manicure, the hands are soaked in warm water. After which, the cuticles are cleaned up. It is followed by the massage. In the end, your preferred polish is painted.

Spa Manicure

If you work a lot with your hands and need a detailed cleanup, you should consider a Spa manicure. Irrespective of whether your nails or unmaintained or unruly, this manicure will help your hands to look the best. A spa manicure includes a warm soak and detailed cuticles removal. After which a hand mask is put. An extended massage is done followed by a warm towel and polish of your choice. The manicure helps to improve and maintain the appearance of your hands and nails.

Shellac Manicure

It can be exhausting to constantly keep doing the nails because they peel off, chip or wear off too soon. If you are one of them, you should definitely consider shellac manicure. This helps to keep your nails in perfect shape. After the manicure, the nails will remain in perfect condition for two weeks with absolutely no chipping or peel offs. There are various colours and finishes you can choose from. The shellac manicure polish looks and feels like regular polish. It is not thick or heavy. Once the polish has been applied, your hands are placed under the UV light to lock the nail paint.

French Manicure

It is ideal for those who want a simple and natural look. The French manicure involves putting a modest line of the colour of your choice on the tip of the nail. You can choose the colour as per your liking. Once that has been done, the technician will apply a clear topcoat to make it look more elegant. You can choose to get it done with regular or gel polish, as per your preference.

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