A Gentleman’s Top 4 Hats: For Your Style and Elegance

Hats have been a big part of male fashion for a long time. Whether they are a full hat or a simple cap, hats can help you dress up or add a unique look to your sense of style. Every guy needs a hat. Luckily, we live in a time where men’s hats come in all styles and colors. Hats can help protect your head against the sun, hair loss, and they make you look fabulous. If you are looking to buy yourself a hat, there is no such thing as too many hats. Here are a few different types you should know about:

1.   The Fedoras

Fedoras are short, medium, or wide-brimmed vintage hats that are widely popular with men. Fedoras are famous among men’s hats. You will find popular icons in fedoras featuring in many movies and are iconic men’s hat designs. Whether you want a casual or vintage look, you will find a fedora that will cover your needs.

Figure 1Assorted fedora hats Photo, source-unsplash.com

Whether you want to look fabulous in them or look like a classy guy, fedoras are one of the best hats for men. They come in different sizes and under various names depending on the person that wears them. However, if you want to imitate the guys from “The Matrix,” then go ahead get yourself a black fedora with an insanely high crown and an ultra-wide brim.

Fedoras are also known as the working man’s hat, but they are pretty famous for fashion. You will find fedoras in different styles and designs, and you can get them online or buy them from local stores.

2.   The Snapbacks

Snapbacks are by far the most popular type of hat in hip-hop culture.  It usually has a flat brim, which can either be curved or flat. Famous rappers like Run DMC and Grandmaster Flash wore snapbacks in the late ’70s and early ’80s and made the style famous.

Snapbacks are the hat you will find everywhere. You can find it on Parisian streets, Japanese schools, and even in the Middle East. It also comes in different color combinations; you can find any color from black to red to green on snapback hats.

3.   The Bucket Hats

Some of the most common hats for men are bucket hats, also known as a “golf hat” or a “sort hat.” The term bucket hat refers to the shallow and wide crown of the hat. This design is ideal for providing maximum protection from the sun and keeping off dust, sand, and water. Manufacturers use lightweight materials such as polyester fabric to bucket hats.

Bucket hats started appearing in the ’70s, and you will see them everywhere, from Hawaii’s beaches to the football field. The bucket hat is a reversible hat, where you can flip it inside out and have a different design on each side. This hat style is also known as Boss of the board.

Bucket hats serve the essential function of protecting against the elements and shielding your face from the sun. The minimalist design leaves a lot of room for creativity, which has turned these hats into an international fashion trend.

4.   The Beanies

Beanies are a small but valuable type of hat that men frequently wear in the colder months and are from yarn or knitted fabric. The specific type of clothing that is referred to as a beanie differs slightly depending on the country. For instance, in America, men wear beanies in winter, whereas in Russia, they wear them in summer to protect their heads from the sun’s rays.

A beanie is commonly from felt or cloth with a round crown and a flat brim. Wearers usually turn up the cuff making the hat stay on the head better.


Hats are an essential part of men’s styling. In the Middle Ages, hats were worn not just for fashion purposes but also to denote social status. Thus, if you want to know what kind of hat to wear, it would probably depend on what you want to achieve. For instance, wearing a fedora would be more appropriate than a baseball cap if you are in the business field. You can also choose your hat based on different social events or occasions. From cowboy hats to custom hats, they all serve a purpose and offer you the opportunity to express your personality with flair. There is a style of hat that accentuates virtually any outfit, no matter what the occasion.

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