7 Women’s Must-Have Perfumes in 2023

For many women, a critical part of their makeup and fashion routine is spritzing on the right perfume before heading out that day. While there are many types of makeup products that women deem essential, perfume is definitely one of them. If you’re like many women, you want to stay on trend when it comes not only to fashion but beauty products as well. Looking for inspiration for the must-have perfumes this new year? Keep reading to learn about all the perfumes every woman should keep in their daily rotation.

Chanel Eau Vive

Easily one of the most iconic fashion houses, Chanel is also known for its makeup and fragrance products. The noses that select their perfumes are top of the industry, and Eau Vive is no exception. This gorgeous scent’s main notes are grapefruit, blood orange, and jasmine. It’s an uplifting fragrance that will be perfect for when the warmer spring weather ushers in this year.

Maison Margiela Replica Lazy Sunday Morning

If you’re not shopping at Maison Margiela, you’re missing out. Their scent catalog is extensive and has something for everyone, but easily one of their best sellers and most versatile is Lazy Sunday Morning. With Lily of the Valley and pear, it’s like staying cozy in a bed with fresh linens all day while you’re wearing this scent.

Brazilian Crush Sol de Janeiro

Looking for a scent that’s affordable and statement-making? Consider Brazilian crush from Sol de Janeiro. While the brand is best known for its lifting bum cream, this body spray has the same scent as the cream. You can use it on your body and even in your hair. It’s a beautiful blend of jasmine, vanilla, and sandalwood and smells like a summer vacation. It is a very tropical and exotic scent, so it’s best for warm weather, but many women adore it so much they opt to wear it year-round. Its affordability compared to other fragrances makes it an easy choice to try.

Versace Versus

Versace is coveted by everyone, whether you’re obsessed with the fashion world or not, and is known for its innovative designs regarding everything they touch. While they carry many fragrances like Woman, Yellow Diamond Intense, and Crystal Noir, if you’re looking for the best Versace perfume, Versus is the way. Versus by Versace is a powerful fragrance with notes of African violet, roses, and woody base notes of patchouli. One spritz of Versus is enough to entice anyone who crosses your path when you wear it.

Chanel Coco MadeMoiselle

Looking for a scent from one of the most iconic fashion houses of all time? If you’re already a fan of Chanel No. 5, then Coco MadeMoiselle is worth a go. It’s a deep scent with spicy notes and a blend of orange, roses, and patchouli. MadeMoiselle is a heady scent, and while it can be worn year-round, it’s perfect for the start of the new year while the weather is still cold, and you can add it back into rotation towards the end of 2023.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl

Want a gorgeous perfume whose bottle is a delight to see on your dresser or vanity? The cute high-heeled shaped bottle for Good Girl could be your answer. This modern and floral scent is seductive and sexy with a mix of jasmine, tonka bean, and tuberose. This perfume makes a statement even though it’s considered a floral fragrance. And it’s worth repeating how cute the bottle is!

Juliette Has a Gun, Not a Perfume

When it comes to simple and minimalist packaging, Juliette Has a Gun has things covered, so if that’s your aesthetic, you’re halfway there in picking this as your fragrance for 2023. This perfume is unique in that it contains one singular note – Cetalox. Cetalox is a musky, amber note typically incorporated in formula with other notes, but it stands alone as the show stopper it is in Not a Perfume.

While you may have your mainstay perfumes or even a signature scent, you wear every day, there are benefits to expanding your rotation. Perfumes can boost your mood, attractiveness levels, and confidence. So, try some trending fragrances mentioned above and reap their benefits. Stay smelling sweet, ladies!

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