3 Services On Offer At Your Local Care Home

They say that your later years in life are to be your golden years and for the majority, that is the case. However, for others, with age comes ailments and you start to slow down a lot and get pains where it never used to hurt before. We become a little forgetful and then a little more and before long, you may find yourself unable to remember the simplest things and you may not recognise your close family members. In all likelihood, you are your elder family member is in the first or latter stages of dementia and you need some specialised help to get you through this difficult time.

Thankfully, there are a few dementia care homes in Bristol that cater to changes in your life like the above and they offer a very professional service whereby they make you feel right at home. There are a number of services on offer.

  1. They offer short stays where your family might just want a little break from having to care for someone with progressive dementia and the care home is happy to step in and handle some of the stress.

  1. They take real steps to make sure that the patient feels at home and that they are familiar with some of the things around them. Familiarity keeps the patient calm and this means less medication is needed.

  1. They offer a full live-in service where they cook for you, clean you and help you in your day to day tasks. It’s hard work, but they are more than up to the task.

The number of dementia suffers is growing as the population in the UK grows also. Get the best care that you can for your loved one, now.






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